Free Stuff for the End of the World – 3/20

In the midst of the looming apocalypse, a lot of people and companies have been offering cool things for free!

Moog and Korg have offered up some of their synthesizer apps.  Download Korg’s Kaossilator or Moog’s Minimoog Model D for iOS.  Click the Brooklyn Vegan link here to start creating the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

If you want to read some cool things, a couple authors have made their work available for free.  My friends Kitty and Larissa have released their tale of intrigue, Taylor Swift, Girl Detective for free on Gumroad.  Click the link here to distract yourself from the world ending.

If these chaotic times have gotten you to start thinking about the invisible power structures that run our lives, Haymarket Books has offered up ten free books to help get your political thoughts in order.  Their mission is to publish books for changing the world, you can read ten of those books by clicking here.

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