Soul Trees – The Sun

soul trees painting the sun

My friend Allyson is an intuitive wonder.  I use her three Soul Trees oracle decks regularly to give me clarity when I’m stuck.  Her paintings are beautiful, and the messages always resonate with me.  So when she told me that her paintings were going to be featured at T. Salon and Gallery, I had to take a look at her work.  And as soon as I saw The Sun, I knew I had to take it home.

soul trees painting the sun
The Sun

In the tarot, The Sun represents enlightenment, greatness, joy, and confidence.  It represents vitality and splendor.  It’s one of my favorite cards to see in a reading because it’s just so unabashedly optimistic and assured.  Feeling troubled?  Don’t worry–the sun will light up your life.  No matter what other difficult cards appear, I can let someone know that they will be successful if it shows up as the outcome card.

I bought this painting the Friday before Ed passed away.  He had a low blood sugar episode earlier that week and managed to surface again.  No matter how bad things got, Ed was always so optimistic.  I was convinced that he would recover despite the diagnosis.  It was impossible to believe otherwise.

Now I look at this painting to remind myself to see the joy even in the darkest places.  There is beauty and hope everywhere you look if you just know how to shine a light on it.


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