Reclaiming Creativity

Scary Mommy recently published an article by a woman who was rediscovering her love of running.  After having children, she stopped running every day and she felt like she had lost herself.  After taking care of Ed this year, I can relate a little bit.  I stopped making jewelry months ago–I haven’t touched pliers or made any chainmail since the beginning of the year.  Like everything else important and mundane, I’ve had to reevaluate the part that creativity plays in my life.  I have been largely uninspired to make anything.  I only have so much emotional energy in a given day, and it doesn’t go into a creative engine.

But last week, I started sewing again.  I cut out pattern pieces for projects I’ve been thinking about for months, and sewed together pieces I had cut out weeks ago.  I started making a space fabric catsuit for a cosplay I want to do.  And then I realized that rather than let that catsuit sit around until I finish the rest of the costume pieces, I should just wear it to the TWRP show at Subterranean.  What better place is there to dress as a hyperdimensional space witch than a Tupperware Remix Party show?

space catsuit
Matching space legs

I missed TWRP the last time they were in town, and I was so glad to see them last week.  After the show my friends and I checked out the merch table and then loitered a little bit.  The lead singer of Planet Booty saw me and got really excited about my outfit.  He shook my hand, hugged me, and said, “Thank you for all that you do”.  It made my night.

And it made me realize that I make clothes and chainmail and everything else because spreading joy and excitement with the things that I make is what I love to do most.


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