Beginning Again

It’s the New Year and people are posting resolutions and lists of their accomplishments for 2017.  I’m proud of things I did last year, but the entire year was eclipsed by the stress of Ed’s illness and his loss.  It doesn’t make sense to have resolutions since I’m not tweaking things in my life I don’t like.  I have to completely start again.

But where to start?  A million things are up in the air.  I’m still settling Ed’s estate.  I have to manage my mom’s anxiety as she tries to sell my grandparents’ condo.  So much of my life seems on hold waiting for paperwork to go through.  So since I’m working with people to help finish Ed’s book, Fucking Forty, I decided to go through my old projects and look at what I can finish.  I want to clear out all the old energy.

I had the idea for this mermaid armor years ago, started it years ago, and have been letting it languish for over a year.  I’ve cleared out so many old projects, but this is one of the ones that lingers.  I’m not sure how much more chainmail I’ll be making in the future.  I don’t like the idea of just letting this one go.

My deadline is February 3.  I want to wear this when I wander around Round 1 winning toys from crane machines when I celebrate my birthday.


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