Free Stuff for the End of the World – Free Animal Streams

It’s another day with a shelter in place order in effect, so let’s all look at some cute animals.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has a livestream of dolphins. Check it out by clicking here.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a coral reef cam available from 11:30am – 7pm PST. Watch the beautiful fish by clicking here.

Check out some elephants at Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

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Free Stuff for the End of the World – 3/21

Color me distracted from the looming apocalypse! A lot of cool artists and companies have offered up some free pages to color in while we all adapt to life in the age of quarantine. Get your colored pencils, markers, or makeup if you’re really desperate and download these cool pages:

Grab some pages from this Sailor Moon coloring book by Jen Martel by clicking here.

Craig Russell has some absolutely stunning illustrations available for coloring. Click this link to download them.

Jonathan La Mantia has offered up an incredible 12-page coloring book with the best possible title: “May We Meet Again Under Better Circumstances”. Download it by clicking here.

And the company I work for, Squishable, has offered up some pages from their beautiful coloring book to download here.

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Free Stuff for the End of the World – 3/20

In the midst of the looming apocalypse, a lot of people and companies have been offering cool things for free!

Moog and Korg have offered up some of their synthesizer apps.  Download Korg’s Kaossilator or Moog’s Minimoog Model D for iOS.  Click the Brooklyn Vegan link here to start creating the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

If you want to read some cool things, a couple authors have made their work available for free.  My friends Kitty and Larissa have released their tale of intrigue, Taylor Swift, Girl Detective for free on Gumroad.  Click the link here to distract yourself from the world ending.

If these chaotic times have gotten you to start thinking about the invisible power structures that run our lives, Haymarket Books has offered up ten free books to help get your political thoughts in order.  Their mission is to publish books for changing the world, you can read ten of those books by clicking here.

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Terra’s Theme Ocarina Tabs

C2E2 was this past weekend.  It’s easily one of my favorite shows, and this year I was selling toys all weekend.  On Friday I heard someone play Careless Whisper on an ocarina and on Sunday I finally bought one for myself.  It’s the Lightning ocarina by STL Ocarinas.  Best money I’ve ever spent.


And since I’m a ride or die for Final Fantasy 6, this week I created a tab for Terra’s Theme.  This is my first tab and I don’t play the ocarina well, so please let me know if I’ve messed something up!


Aluminum Chainmail Jewelry

GenCon, Here We Come

It’s been three years since I’ve taught chainmail classes at GenCon.  I’m nervous!  Even though I’ve taught all of these classes multiple times, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten in front of a classroom of students to teach them how to bend wire to make cool things.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of my classes:

Washer Barrel Chainmail Bracelet


Firebird Scalemail Bracelet

Dragon Sculpture


Ocean Waves Chainmail Bracelet



Cosplay Therapy

The past few months have been exhausting.  My grandmother passed away after a long illness and my boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer and had major surgery.  The year has been riddled with grief and stress.  I knew I needed to do something to get back on track creatively, but I wasn’t sure what.  On a whim, I decided to make a Dark Phoenix costume and go meet Stan Lee at C2E2.


I had the idea a couple years ago, but it wasn’t until last year’s Chestbridge cosplay fun that the idea of dressing up in costume seemed like a good idea.  (In high school, I thought cosplay and Pokemon were dumb, and now here I am making costumes and addicted to Pokemon Go.  Oh well.)

In the course of 14 hours over 2 days, I made a Dark Phoenix costume and little fire unicorn in honor of my favorite scene in the 90s X-Men cartoon.  Thankfully Vogue Fabrics had the perfect metallic spandex fabric in both red and gold, as well as some felt for the little flame unicorn.



I also won Dark Phoenix cosplay bingo by taking photos with Jean Grey, Phoenix, and Wolverine on Sunday.  As a bonus, my friend CJ was dressed up as Stan Lee, so I managed to snag a photo with him, too.

The real Stan Lee looked me in the eyes and said, “Well done,” in the brief few seconds I got to meet him.  It was a nice reprieve from the stress of the past few months.  The only problem is that now I just want to make costumes all the time… although there are much worse problems.

Kali Butterfly

Aluminum Jewelry

Knit & Purl April, Day 1 – Cropped Wool Sweater

The benefit of knitting and crocheting all the time is that people give me yarn.  Sometimes lots of yarn.  I also have a mom who taught me to buy something I love when I see it, in case it gets discontinued and nearly impossible to find again.  Needless to say, I have a lot of yarn.

I love having all the supplies around for whenever creativity strikes, but I don’t seem to be doing much with all this yarn.  Something I didn’t realize when I started my business is that I would spend more time on the business side of things than actually creating.  So I’m giving myself the same push to use yarn this month as I did back in November, when I turned the month into Sewvember, and sewed a new project every day.  Knitting is a little more time-consuming process, so I won’t have the time to knit up a new sweater every day, but I do plan on showing my progress on pieces I’ve wanted to make for a while so I can get them done.

Today’s offering is a cropped wool sweater made from really beautiful yarn my aunt gave me for my birthday last year.  It’s a altered version of this tunic by Red Heart yarns.  I love the pattern on the chest/sleeves.


Aluminum Jewelry

Chainmaille Fashion

Staying on Track

To celebrate the New Year, I finished up a project that had been sitting on my to-do list for years.  I had made all the pieces for this crochet turtle, put them in my yarn projects bag, and then promptly forgot about it.  For years.  I decided to clear that energy by finishing the darn thing.  It’s now my procrastination turtle.  It sits on my desk staring at me as a reminder to finish what I start.

For extra accountability, I’m also putting a couple resolutions in Habitica.  One: to blog regularly again (at least once a week), and two: to finish the revamp of my jewelry website.  It’s time to make things happen.

If you want to gamify your to-do list and earn cool pets and armor sets, create your own account at Habitica.