Knit & Purl April, Day 1 – Cropped Wool Sweater

The benefit of knitting and crocheting all the time is that people give me yarn.  Sometimes lots of yarn.  I also have a mom who taught me to buy something I love when I see it, in case it gets discontinued and nearly impossible to find again.  Needless to say, I have a lot of yarn.

I love having all the supplies around for whenever creativity strikes, but I don’t seem to be doing much with all this yarn.  Something I didn’t realize when I started my business is that I would spend more time on the business side of things than actually creating.  So I’m giving myself the same push to use yarn this month as I did back in November, when I turned the month into Sewvember, and sewed a new project every day.  Knitting is a little more time-consuming process, so I won’t have the time to knit up a new sweater every day, but I do plan on showing my progress on pieces I’ve wanted to make for a while so I can get them done.

Today’s offering is a cropped wool sweater made from really beautiful yarn my aunt gave me for my birthday last year.  It’s a altered version of this tunic by Red Heart yarns.  I love the pattern on the chest/sleeves.


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